Aphrodite Collection

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, fertility and desire (Roman equivalent to Venus). She is recognized for her undeniable beauty and sensuality. What's most notable about her, other than her beauty, is that she was wildly vivacious and bold. Aphrodite was a woman that didn't stifle her desires and did as she pleased. Because she was awfully dissatisfied with her husband, Hephaestus, she repeatedly cheated on him with Ares, the God of war, and Adonis, the God of beauty. She simply wouldn't be controlled. 

Lots of women relate to Aphrodite in this way. The divine feminine is awakening in us and we're owning our natural beauty, sexuality, freedom and living shamelessly. 

Aphrodite was frequently adorned in jewels made by Hephaestus. She's often depicted wearing a jeweled girdle (waist jewelry) and bra chains, which were known to strongly seduce the men in her presence. This collection is full of sexy body jewelry and other pieces that serve as a tribute to everything she represents.